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At Cheng Chuan Motor Services, we offer professional car spray paint services to meet your different needs. The workshop is fully equipped with the latest technology and carry out a vast range of spray painting services including resprays, custom work and repair according to customer's demand ensuring minimal downtime. Regardless of the car type or car size, our highly trained and experienced car spray painters possess the necessary knowledge and equipment to get the job done professionally.


Mission & Vision


Cheng Chuan Motor's mission is to be the leading authority in the automotive industry, providing exceptional bodykit solutions with expert advice on the latest trends. They aim to guide customers in selecting the perfect bodykit to enhance their vehicle's aesthetics and performance, offering unparalleled knowledge and top-notch guidance.


Cheng Chuan Motor envisions being a pioneering force in the automotive industry, embracing technology and setting new standards of excellence. With unwavering commitment to innovation, they strive to create extraordinary automotive experiences that surpass customer aspirations, delivering unrivaled quality, variety, and satisfaction.


Cheng Chuan Motor has become a trailblazer in the automotive industry, driven by passion, innovation, and dedication. With a customer-centric approach and a history of remarkable achievements, we have earned recognition and trust from clients worldwide. As we reflect on our proud accomplishments, we remain motivated to continue our journey towards excellence and surpassing expectations.



Cheng Chuan Motor was established 40 years ago by our founder, Mr Yeo P.T. He started out as an apprentice at a young age and gathering all the industry experience throughout his career. In 1992, Mr Yeo started his first workshop in Sin Ming then later move to Eunos Industrial Area.



In 2015, Cheng Chuan Motor relocated to Kaki Bukit Autohub. Currently the workshop is managed by Mr Yeo P.T. and 2nd generation of the family Mr Roger Yeo together with a team of experience staff. With years of hard work and dedication in the industry, Cheng Chuan Motor has expanded to four workshops providing a wide variety of service for Car Spraying, Servicing, Body – Kit customization, Polishing & Grooming as well as Car Insurance. With our expansion along the years, we continue to up our game high by offering more high quality and value-added services to all our supportive customers.



At Cheng Chuan Motor, the introduce of new technology for automotive repair and talented staffs who equipped with various skills joining our team are readily to perform the utmost skills according to every customers choice. Our vision of providing a one - stop automotive solution remains unchanged over the years by assuring all cars from exterior to interior using our official authorized high-quality paint & lacquer for the best finishing and including detailed polishing, grooming as well as quality check.

In addition to our services, Cheng Chuan Motor also have wide range of body-kits for most car models. All our range of body-kits are high quality material and best for customization which keep our pace trending in the ever-changing automotive market.

Cheng Chuan Motor strongly believe that customer satisfaction is our top priority by providing quality service as well as building the brand by our customers through word – of – mouth and recommendation from friends and business associates. Our customer problem is Our solution, leave your car to us and drive away a happy customer!


About Cheng Chuan Motor Services

Welcome to Cheng Chuan Motor Services. We are a one-stop workshop providing car respray paint in Singapore as well as automotive car repair solutions. With years of experience in the automotive industry, we provide high-quality services to meet our clients's expectations.

Our Services

At Cheng Chuan Motor Services, our goal is to provide our clients with a full range of automobile services.

Car Respray in Singapore

We are professionals at Car Resprays Solutions Singapore. No matter if you want to refresh the look of your car or personalise it with a unique colour, we have advanced technology and materials that assure an excellent final product. Being the best car respray company in Singapore is a result of our team's commitment to maintaining the highest standards in every respray job.

Automotive Car Repair

We provide full-service automotive repairs for all makes and models of vehicles. Our skilled staff is ready to address any problems you may encounter, ranging from simple tasks such as maintaining a schedule to more complex issues. Our team offers responsive and reliable diagnostics and repairs to keep your car on the road.

Fast Downtime Spray Paint Car

We are famous for our fast downtime spray paint car services, and we make life a little easier and less stressful for you by doing this with outstanding turnaround times without compromising quality. So, you are not waiting long to disinfect; you are just driving the best-looking and best-performing version of your vehicle.

Why Choose Cheng Chuan Motor Services?

Expertise and Experience: Our experts have been in the automobile industry for years, which is why they can efficiently work with different car types. Whether it is a routine car repair or an advanced repair job, we put our deep experience and meticulous care into every project.

Quality Materials and Equipment: We only use quality materials that are the latest in spray technology to ensure your car appears in its best form. Our solutions, designed and made to withstand Singapore's tropical climate, will stay in perfect condition on your car after application.

Customer-Centric Services: Cheng Chuan Motor Services always put customers first. Throughout your repair and respray, you will receive professional service with clear communication to meet all your needs.

Car Repair Nearby: Our workshop's location is excellent. It's simple for everyone to find and access. If you need car repair services, just walk into our workshop. Our staff will advise and give you the best solution to repair your car.

Fast Turnaround: We understand that time is important for everyone. Therefore, our fast downtime spray paint car service reduces time consumption compared to traditional services. It is fast, efficient, and perfect at the same time.

Contact Us

Still searching for Automotive Car Repair Near Me or Car Resprays Solutions Singapore? Come visit Cheng Chuan Motor Services! Our team provides you with the best service and ensuring your car looks and performs its best. Don't wait now! Make an appointment online or contact us today to schedule your consultation immediately.