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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Costs for changing a car's color can vary. The costs vary slightly depending on whether you want to switch to a different standard gloss color or a frozen/matte finish.  Any workshop can do it for you by law, regardless of the color you select, provided you provide the color code.

Well, the practical answer would be if the scratch is deep enough. There’s many layers to the car spray paint. Sometimes, only the lacquer layer is scratched. That isn’t too bad and you don’t need to respray that part too urgently. But if you car paint get scratched, best to get it done as soon as possible. Due to Singapore’s weather and air, the affected area will thin down reaching the car body. Over time, rust will start to appear. Once that happens, it becomes a disease that will soon give more problem. Treat it fast before it becomes too costly to rectify.

The longevity of custom paint depends on factors such as the quality of the materials, the type of clear coat used, and the level of care and maintenance it receives. With proper care, a custom paint job can last for many years.

Choosing the right custom paint color involves considering factors such as the vehicle’s style, the owner’s preferences, and the latest color trends. 

Painting over chrome can be difficult, as by definition chrome is a smooth and shiny surface, which paint will not take well to. However, it is certainly possible to paint over: Start by sanding back the shine off the surface of the chrome, using either a gritty sandpaper like 120g-150g, or if sanding wont yield results, you can use a media blaster – which uses pressurised air to send tiny particles at a surface to strip paint from base metal. Then wipe down and degrease the surface thoroughly using a prewash, before applying a complete and even layer of epoxy primer or etch primer, that will adhere to the surface, offering an anchor for paint to be sprayed on to.

It’s a great question… and a hard one to answer, as obviously is it impossible to predict exactly how much paint you’ll need, with every job requiring different amounts. CONTACT Cheng Chuan Motor for details or assistance with your specific job, to make sure you only buy the amount of paint you really need.

Proper care and maintenance of a custom paint job involves avoiding harsh chemicals and abrasive materials, regularly washing, and waxing the vehicle, and storing it in a protected area when not in use.

In order to prepare bare metal for painting, the surface of the metal needs to be etched and primed in order for the paint to have an adequate surface to adhere to. This can be done using: Epoxy Primer – which firmly adheres to the metal surface like glue, but requires manual etching before being applied in the form of sanding, grinding or blasting, in order to bond to the surface, or Self-Etching Primer – which uses acid to chemically corrode and micro-etch the metal surface, creating a solidly bonded base on which to paint over.

For exterior will take approximately 6 – 7 downtime, whereas both interior and exterior will take approximately 10 days downtime.
Due to the wet weather, all projects will be delayed approx. 1 – 2 days depending on the process of the paint quality.

Yes, a deposit is required to confirm your slot and time. Once deposited there will be no refund.