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Transform your car with Aikka Special Effect Car Spray Painting

Cheng Chuan Motor Services is an authorised Aikka car spray paint workshop. Aikka is a well-known brand in Singapore's creative colour trend. Aikka can create innovative and unique colours that are not commonly found in original car manufacturers. We believe that Aika will make your car completely different from others when driving on the road.

Why Choose Aikka Special Effect Car Spray Painting?

Aikka Special Effect Car Spray Painting is renowned for its exceptional quality and stunning visual effects. Aikka always come out with very special unique color to meet client's expectation and ensure the colour is eye-catching.  Aikka has various type of special effect colour as well such as Brilliant Illusions, Crystal Effect, Brilliant Effect, Pearl Effect and others.

Advantages Of Repainting Your Car Color

1. Customisation: An alternative colour layer allows you to express your personality from the outside. The possibilities with Aikka Special Effect Car Spray Painting are endless. There are a ton of colours and effects to choose from so you can fit your tastes.

2. Resale Value: A single paint touch up can increase the resale value of your car drastically. By using Aikka Special Effect Car Spray Painting, it can give a professional grade finishing which appeal to the potential buyer.

3. Protection – This unique paint appears absolutely gorgeous, but it surely also works as a protecting layer to help safeguard your car’s exterior from everything nature and everyday wear can throw its way.

Our Expertise

Cheng Chuan Motor Services has a team of technicians who are well trained in Aikka Special Effect Car Spray Painting. They attend relevant car spray painting courses on a regular basis to keep their technique and knowledge up to date. They guarantee that every project is finished perfectly.

Ready to Change the Colour for Car?

Cheng Chuan Motor Services is the best choice to change the colour for your car. Your dream car will come true when meets Aikka Special Effect Car Spray Painting service. Let everyone be impressed by your car! Contact us today to schedule an appointment now.